Another week bites the dust

Well it’s been a rollercoaster of a week. The weather is perfect for enjoying the outdoors. I can smell Spring in the air. I started to incorporate weights into my regimen 3x a week. I feel like I am getting stronger. Also since the weather is good I am outdoors doing cardio as much as I can. I am getting rid of the winter blues!

I have made some changes in diet. I have incorporated more veggies and fruits. I got to say it’s only because I purchased Tupperware Fridgeware so it makes everything last longer. It’s so expensive to eat healthy. I understand why we struggle to eat good things. Granted it’s so much easier to eat a box lunch or dinner. Yet check out that label. It’s full of sodium and things I cant pronounce.

I met with the psych department head and it turns out I am just as crazy as everyone else. I guess no one is perfect. We have decided that baby steps are a good thing when incorporating change. If you try to complete everything at once you’re setting yourself up for failure.

I also checked out the Go Red store and saw a lot of cute things. I of course can’t pass up an opportunity to shop online with the proceeds going to a excellent cause, so I purchased a t-shirt, cookbook, and bracelet. The cookbook is great. I have made a couple dinners and desserts from it. My favorite thus far is the chicken and apples dinner. So yummy and healthy!

Its not easy being healthy but it will get easier as you go

Jenn 😉

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2 Responses to Another week bites the dust

  1. sandy krug says:

    I am back on the ‘wagon’ after sort of a bad trip to Dallas. I had been doing great with losing weight and eating all the right foods, and then just sort of tossed it all out the window last week! I am glad I had the session with Craig and will really have to give some time and attention to the form I need to fill out… helps me focus on THE WHY of unhealthy eating choices and WHAT I SAY TO MYSELF when doing so.

    I did commit to adding yoga and some additional excercise to my weekly routines but just glad I have the JAZZERCISE habit that gets me there every day. I am thankful for this focus….it is easier doing this together with my other EIGHT new friends. Keep up the good work, all! Sandy

  2. Hang in there Jenn it will be all worth!


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