Yes… Thank God it is Friday! Better than that, I would like to thank the speakers at last night’s T.G.I.F Event “The Gal is Forty + Fabulous” held at Provena Saint Joseph Hospital in Elgin.

Cardiologist, Dr. Aga Silbert enlightened me about heart disease and the heredity factors (the ones I have no control over). The bright side was the information about the factors I can control, through nutrition, exercise, and stress management! I thank you for caring about my heart and sharing your expertise in supporting women and heart disease!

Craig Hartley, LCPC, Director Behavioral Health Services shared several funny stories and his presentation about stress and GAS! Or maybe he said General Adaptation Syndrome (which I referred to as GAS)! Either way his point was I need to take the pressure off myself and take care of me for a change. Thanks Craig, from all us moms, daughters, sisters, wife’s, and grandmothers letting us know it’s okay to take time for us!

And then we got to the really good stuff! FOOD! Jackie Caul, RD , Registered Dietician shared some delicious recipes that I cannot wait to make. The Black Bean Salsa was fabulous! Who knew eating healthy could taste so good.

And from my heart, I thank Provena Saint Joseph Hospital for giving me a great Valentine present that came from the heart!!!

Jackie Petrik

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  1. Keep up the great work!!

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