Week 1-check!

Well, I did it-I get a treat!  Three days of yoga and a bonus day of running!  I really should do more running, but time ran out this past week.  I have to schedule more time for ME!  That is the one thing I keep forgetting-as hard as I work towards my goals, as a single mom, I always find someone else to put first!  GRRRRR!

It’s OK to put myself first, It’s OK to put myself first, It’s OK to put myself first. 🙂

I started my health journey 9 months ago (I keep saying 6 months but it actually started at the end of May last year).  In order to understand where I’ve come from (I am going to pretend like I have hundreds of readers!) you need to know that back in May I was a size 14.  I have tried to work really hard through eating right and exercise.

Last week, I thought it was a great week when I needed new jeans and the 10’s I tried on were too big, that’s right fellow bloggers-I am wearing my SIZE 8 jeans as I type this and they fit nice!  I can breathe and everything!!

Here is my extra good news for the week! My treat to myself was to go shopping and buy myself something. So of course I treat myself to size 8 work pants, not much of a treat, but it is nice to have pants that will look good at work!  Then I see it…..a stunning red dress…it is calling to me…so I head over to the rack…and look for, what else…size 8 (geez can you tell I am excited about this size??)  Nothing!!!!- 4’s, one 6, some 12’s and some 14’s.  On a “dare” from my daughter, I take the 6 and head into the dressing room.  (she grabs one too!)  HOLY CRAP, I can zip the dress up ALL THE WAY!!  OK, it’s snug, and it shows every ripple of skin, but it zipped!  This must be a miracle dress.  My daughter looks good too-we both want the dress, but we both put it back.  I vow to find it on line and get the eight.

Update:  No 8’s online either-I guess that’s what I get for trying to buy a red Dress two days before Valentine’s Day!

On to week 2 challenges!  I can’t wait!


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3 Responses to Week 1-check!

  1. 6, 8 Whatever! You will always be a 10 in our book lady! Great Job!

  2. Ann says:

    I was so inspired by you – putting yourself out there – that I signed up online with BetterU. Think about how you *feel* and the numbers become just numbers. Keep it up!

  3. provenahealth says:


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