Work That Body! BetterU Participant Carole

I decided to take the plunge and meet with a personal trainer. My goal is to get into an exercise routine and learn the right way to use the equipment at the fitness center. Although not everyone requires a trainer; for me, I felt, it’s the way to go, to make life changing habits and stick with them.

I must admit I was quite apprehensive about our first meeting! I’m thinking about those mega focused trainers on that CBS TV show ~ you know the ones I’m talking about. Well, I’m happy to report that Dave is a great person, and not nearly that intense. Our first session was more “getting to know you” and doing some floor exercises to see my mobility, along with a few of the strength training machines. The next session was an hour of working muscles that I never knew I had! Actually, I knew the muscles existed, but baby, have they atrophied over long periods of nonuse. For example: “Okay, Dave, when I do a lunge, my knee is actually supposed to come close to the floor ~ not be this 8 inches away?!?!” We’ll get there, in due time!

I’m sore, but it’s all good. Life changes are beginning to happen!


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One Response to Work That Body! BetterU Participant Carole

  1. sandy krug says:

    Way to go Carole! Investing in a real live trainer shows COMMITMENT beyond words! I think it’s awesome…keep up the great work! Sandy

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