Down 1, YES!

Oh yeah, 1 pound down! It may be 1 pound, but it’s all about me accomplishing my short term goals and so far I have. The ziplok steamer bags have been AMAZING! The other day for lunch I took broccoli and carrots with lemon pepper in one bag and raw shrimp with lemon pepper in another bag. Cooked them both in the microwave and had a yummy lunch. I even had added corn and then peeled a small orange. Oh yeah, sticking to the healthy! People, I’m telling you, you have to try these bags.
My other short term goal is keeping a consistent exercise schedule. My husband and I decided to sign-up for a 5k, so we are following a special running, training program. I have been able to keep it consistent. Not only is the running getting easier but I see my body more toned and my clothes looser. YES!
With the Valentine weekend approaching, be careful ladies with the chocolate. Don’t overdue it, and make wise choices!

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2 Responses to Down 1, YES!

  1. pmmc says:

    Go Mayra! Good for you — you’re are inspiration more than you even know. HG

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