Go Red BetterU Participant ~ Carole

Carole Schwager

Attended the FANTASTIC, informative heart health presentation, TGIF, last night at Provena Mercy Medical Center in Aurora.  It was so well done ~~ 10/10 ranking ~~ 100% fabulous.  Great presenters ~ loved the humor involved ~ learned so much!  All the speakers had powerful presentations. I’m especially thankful to know about the effect of being outside in the cold ~~ remember to wear a scarf wrapped around your nose and mouth. The cardiologist, Dr. Mary Gordon, advised how damaging it can be to breathe in  that cold air.  Thanks SO MUCH, Provena.  Looking forward to next Thursday’s program at Provena Saint Joseph in Elgin.

Thank you, Karen, for your thoughtful gift to all of us Go Red BetterU participants.  It will be extremely useful!  (If you weren’t able to attend last night, I know Karen will “gift” you next week. You’re gonna love it!)

Before the presentation, I met with Craig, to set my goals ~ he’s very easy to talk with and is going to be a great help!  Craig advised he is presenting the “Stress” portion of next Thursday’s program referenced above ~ DON’T MISS IT!

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One Response to Go Red BetterU Participant ~ Carole

  1. Mary Baiocchi says:

    YOU GO GIRL! Our new neighborhood celebrity! Congratulations on being selected Carole! We’re cheering you on! 🙂 Mary, Mark, Michael and Zach

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