Be sure to like our facebook pages!

Also — I’ve noticed that you all have not “liked” our facebook pages at both provena hospitals — you should because we give alot of good health tips and who knows…I may post a photo of you someday!!  And we are going to be posting updates on you guys as we go thru the program!!  


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  1. sandy krug says:

    Last night at PMMC was great! Who knew cardiologists could be so funny….Dr. Gordon was great and if nothing else, I think it made me LOSE THE SALT SHAKER! I hide behind the fact my current numbers for blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. are FINE…but why look a gift horse in the mouth! I am just asking for trouble so will let up on the salt! I also did not know that breathing COLD AIR is more the culprit in heart attacks while shoveling snow, than the physical part of it, so be sure to cover mouth and nose with scarves in this bitter weather.
    The nutritionist was great and I am sorry to miss our event on Feb 24th when she will be giving cooking tips and serving something wonderful!
    The behavioral therapist finished off the program with laughter and humor to help combat the STRESS that causes so many problems. It takes our bodies SIX hours to return to normal after just several seconds of adrenaline and cortisol rush from situations that cause us stress….so we need to really work at eliminating those ”buttons”!
    It was fun having FRONT ROW SEATS and special recognition for being in the program…can’t wait to see everyone again at another event! Keep up the good work!

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