Working out is going WAAAAAY better than I thought I could do thanks to my daughter pushing me and accompanying me to the gym. I hopped on the elliptical last night and 10 minutes into my routine, a nice piece of beefcake occupied the machine next to mine. Let me tell you, nothing like a nice piece of eye candy to motivate me to work harder. It is free to look at and absolutely NO calories! By the time I finished fantasizing about spending the rest of our lives together, I had sweat enough to be entered in a Spring Break wet T-shirt contest and I felt wonderful! I am finding that if you pick something you enjoy or have something to distract you, exercise can be fun. Other exercise adventures this week were walking on the treadmill watching HGTV as a couple from England house hunted in a tropical paradise. Just seeing the sun and sand kicked my imagination into high gear and I was off running down the beach in a red swimsuit with the Baywatch theme drumming in my ears. I also made a bet with a kid from the gym that the Packers would win the Super Bowl. The loser had to cover the point spread in miles on the treadmill. Finding these little escapes and tricks to make exercise more fun has made a big difference in my attitude toward the gym. I used to say, ‘I HAVE to work out.’ Now I think, ‘I WANT to work out!’ By the way, I am the thrid from the right in the picture! :o)

I hope you week is going great and life is treating like the princess that you are! Keep the faith and follow the path! You can do it and I am excited to be on this journey with you!


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  1. Maggie says:

    LOL! Karen you crack me up!

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