Thanks for the support!

Wow! What an exciting day of seeing friends wearing red in support of the American Heart Association and me! Happy GO RED DAY Ladies! Well, when I signed up for this, I told you I was going on an adventure and boy have I ever ‘ventured’! I started recording my food on a web site ( to the daily plate. This easy site is free and a great tool to make you aware of what you are shoving in your mouth. It does all the work for you; calculates calories, breaks down protein, fat and carbs and even rewards you when you stay the course! Are you still looking out for number 1? Remember, it’s OK to treat YOU once in a while. My rewards have been a manicure, a new book and 2 hours of ME time!

My daughter is doing fantastic and I love the extra time I get with her as we work out! It is a win-win situation. I feel like a health ninja as I purge the junk out of our house. My kids made the transition from skim milk to soy and almond milk effortlessly and no one is whining about eating at home instead of McDonald’s. Fruit has replaced chips and yogurt knocked out ice cream. The only complaining I had this week was when I asked the kids to shovel after the big snow. With all 3 of us out there, we were done in about 90 minutes! I made sure to record THAT on the exercise log because my dogs were barking and the sausage legs were squealing!

I hope you are doing wonderful and life is treating you well!


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