It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.

Andrea Lillie

Go Red, I am so psyched to be a part of this challenge.  We had our first group meeting last week.  Every woman had a story…the compelling reason why she signed up for this 12 week challenge.  My personal motivation is to develop better habits.  I want to be physically active the  second half of my life, ouch, it hurts to say, “the second half of my life”.
My numbers are good!  My test results from Provena show that I am within a healthy range on all accounts.  That is great news, however, I have an underlying concern.  Will my lifestyle and choices move me in the direction I want to be in the next 10, 20 30 or 40 years?  I evaluate my 401k to make sure I am on course financially to enjoy an active retirement, traveling the world.  What investment am I making today into the future state of my health?   I want to retire and experience life first hand, hike the Grand Canyon not just look at the view from the lodge.
We can’t stop the clock, the years fly by, a pound here a pound there.  A missed work out this week and guilty promises to work out tomorrow.  I’ve convinced myself that smoothies are super healthy indulgences deserving of their 600 calories.  A trail mix bagel sounds and looks so healthy, it doesn’t occur to me anymore if it’s really worth 400 calories.  I don’t go out of my way to eat higher calorie foods or purposely fill my schedule so I don’t have time to work out…my excuse is probably like yours…life gets in the way.  I’m too busy to think about what is the best choice. I need to find simple ways to cut calories and make a commitment to cardio.  Yes, it is time to make better choices that will lead to better habits.
My compelling reason to be a part of this challenge is the opportunity to practice good health habits.  The fact is, getting older means having to work a little harder to stay the same weight.  Honestly, my weight has gone up the last three years, a consequence of my choices and habits.  I have to admit I equate being skinny with being healthy.  And, aren’t skinny people always happy?  If something upsets a skinny woman all she has to do is find a three-way mirror, look at her butt – happiness!  If a skinny woman has a bad day, she can put on a bikini and the sadness will vanish!  Yes, when you have some pounds to take off, the skinny women look like they are carefree…or at least it appears they should be!  Developing better health habits should have multiple pay-offs, losing some inches sounds good to me!
The statistics are in…

90% of women have one or more risk factors for developing heart disease. 
80% of cardiac events in women may be prevented if they make the right choices for their hearts, involving diet, exercise and abstinence from smoking.
 We CAN change the statistics for women and heart disease.

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