Karen is on track and her kids are her reason to stay healthy

Hey Ladies! Just checking in to make sure you are still breathing and making some heart healthy choices for yourselves. The healthy eating is going wonderful and I am finding creative ways to get my exercise in. I went to a bowling fundraiser Saturday and after 7 games, I was ‘glowing’. Really I was sweating like a pig, but I felt great! Throw that in with a barrel full of laughs and that was a recipe for a great night!

My daughter, who is also on this journey with me, was in a car accident Sunday and I am proud to say, we both stayed the course even will all the extra stress! It was a life lesson for her as she had a front row seat to a scene of someone getting behind the wheel after they had some adult beverages. Both her and her car Tessie are fine. Instead of comforting ourselves with junk food, we took out our anxiety on the treadmill and weights. Instead of giving ourselves reasons why we can’t, we give ourselves reasons why we can. The hardest part of the weekend was trying to free myself from a sweaty sports bra! It looked like I was having a spastic seizure as I pushed and pulled to free myself from the spandex jungle!

As each day goes by and I am able to go over the hurdles I have set as my goals I feel more and more in control. It is a wonderful feeling that I haven’t felt in a long time. Remember Ladies, when you want to show off your best curves…..SMILE!

Cheers to a great week!


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