To Be Young at Heart

Hi, my name is Jenn.  I am a 31 year old with high cholesterol.  I want to live a long and healthy life.  I want to do this for myself, family, and friends.  I love to play tennis, softball and hike.  I am active and competitive.  My problem is food.  Types of food (sweet tooth), portion size, why I eat when I eat is my downfall.  Sounds familiar right?  If I could only afford a chef to cook my healthy meals.

Thursday was exciting.  I have taken the first step to getting heart healthy.  I have learned that heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women.  For the longest time I had thought it was breast cancer.  Surprised that 1 in 3 American women die of heart disease, compared to 1 in 30 women that die of breast cancer.
With that knowledge I went home and walked 5 miles.  Not outdoors, not at a gym, not on a treadmill.  In my own home I put in my Leslie Sansone’s Walk At Home DVD.  I was exhausted from work yet I still pushed forward.  I felt great once I completed the DVD 60 minutes later.  Yes I could have stopped it at the 3 mile mark but I was determined.  I have made it my goal to complete that DVD four times a week.
I woke up a little sore.  Did some stretches and I felt great.  I am looking forward to Jazzercise tonight.  This weekends plan is to take measurements, play some tennis and cut my food intake.  Baby steps is the key.  I have healthy foods in the cupboard (I think) just need to watch portion size.
Jenn  😉

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4 Responses to To Be Young at Heart

  1. Carole Schwager says:


    You go girl! I’m so proud of you for going home and walking ASAP ~ 5 miles ~ WOW! I’m going to look for the DVD you referenced. I know you’ll succeed in getting that cholesterol lower. You are already active with sports and hiking, so you’re halfway to success already. I hear what you’re saying about the sweet tooth and portion control ~ I’m right there with you, plus when I have something sweet, it triggers me to also want a salty snack ~ double whammy! I look forward to supporting you and our other teammates during BetterU.

  2. You go Girl! Looking forward to being beside you on this adventure!

  3. Marianne Renner says:

    Way to go, Jenn! Keep up the good work and it will pay off!

  4. Jodi says:

    Jenn – I’m so very impressed with you – your dedication is going to pay off! Go Red!

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