Want in on an adventure?

My motto for 2011 is BE SELFISH. How many times over the past year have you put someone’s needs before yourself? As a woman, we are always putting others before ourselves and we sacrifice taking care of number 1….yes I am talking about you. YOU are #1!

January 1 started with a funeral for several of my good friends. Good bye Ronald McDonald. Adios Taco Bell. See you later Ben and Jerry. I had to break it off with the most important man in my life. I sobbed as I pulled away from Derek, the drive thru worker at the McDonalds, knowing that this would hurt him more than it would me. There was a new sheriff in town to police Karen’s heartbeat! I said hello to an old acquaintance, myself. I put myself back in charge of determining my destiny.

My focus was not to lose weight but to lead a healthy lifestyle. As a single parent I asked myself a few questions. Who is going to take care of my kids if I am gone? What legacy can I leave behind if I am dead? And most importantly, who will clean up all the dog poop in my yard if I croak!?

I am glad to say that God took pity on me and said, ‘Oh my little chubby cherub, I am sending you 8 guardian angels in the same boat, the American Heart Association and Provena for a huge support system to aid you. Since you haven’t been the brightest in spotting some of the other angels I have placed in your life, I identified them for you by placing some of them in red fleece pullovers. Go now and get healthy and GO RED!’

Well, I just finished all my tests and am cleared for take off! Look out world! Kudos to all my lovely ladies for coming on this adventure with me. We are going to have a BLAST! To date, I have gone 28 days with no sugar, no fast food and no Diet Pepsi. I feel fabulous and am sleeping better than I have in years.

If this chunky monkey can do it, ANYONE can! Wanna join us? Click on this website and sign up! http://www.goredforwomen.org/BetterU/index.aspx The more, the merrier!

To your health,


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2 Responses to Want in on an adventure?

  1. Carole says:

    Hi Karen,
    Yes, I do want in on this adventure, and I’m glad to be part of our group! Loved your blog entry ~ you are very creative and funny! Looking foward to getting to know you better and supporting our group. Carole

  2. Jodi says:

    Karen – you are hilarious and have got the best attitude! To paraphrase your words, “Looking forward to seeing less of you next time!” 🙂

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